Friday, April 29, 2011

Original story by Mark Seaton

In addition to being a professional mountain guide, Mark Seaton is a published author. Here is an excerpt from his account of the Mont Blanc ascent with Don Planner. You can read the full story here.
Blind Mont Blanc.

At 9am. (local time) on the 25th June 1996 Don Planner became the 1st blind man to climb Mont Blanc via the Gouter Route. The chain of events which lead to my involvement in Don Planner's achievement was a bizarre one.

One day last year Don stepped onto a Zebra crossing only to be hit by a car and sent over the bonnet. In the course of obtaining accident compensation, the conversation with his solicitor turned to Don's intention of climbing Mont Blanc in order to raise much needed funds for the charity St. Dunstans which looks after blinded ex-army servicemen.

Don knew he would need the services of a High Mountain Guide but like many people, he did not know how to go about finding one. At this stage in the conversation the solicitor said "I have a school friend who has just married a Mountain Guide who lives at the foot of Mont Blanc. I will give you his address." This is how I gained my first blind client...

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